Sector 7527-Dimension


Maximum TV Size
up to 70" TV
Overall Dimensions
26.5H x 63W x 18D in
Top (Soundbar) Compartment Dimensions
Interior Dimensions 6.5H x 61W x 8D in
Center Shelf Capacity 25 lbs

Upper Side Compartments (beside the Soundbar)
Interior Dimensions 6.5H x 18.5W x 15D in

Lower Compartments (x's 2)
Interior Dimensions 7.25H x 30W x 16.25D in
Bottom Shelf Capacity (each compartment) 50 lbs

Component Capacity
Top Shelf Capacity
125 lbs
129 lbs
Packaged Dimensions
20.5H x 67W x 20.25D in
Packaged Weight
142 lbs